Press release: Fashion Takes Action partners with textile artists and educators in Europe for covid friendly summer day camps alongside virtual workshops.

Fashion Takes Action bridges cultural gaps by introducing their education workshop program, My clothes, My World (MCMW), to students in Europe.

Berlin, Germany 29. April 2021
Fashion Takes Action (FTA) partners with textile artists and  educators in Berlin and Leiden to deliver a textile arts summer day camp in July 2021, which will include FTA My Clothes My World workshops. To ensure everyone’s safety, the summer day camp will be covid friendly and conducted in small groups.

MCMW has been delivering workshops to students in person since 2014 by trained facilitators equipped with lesson plans that meet the school board curriculum. The program aims to foster a future of environmentally responsible citizens who can think critically and act consciously.

MCMW was developed with a holistic focus and includes various teaching and learning methods such as personal leadership, active and inquiry-based learning, democratic roleplay, collaboration, value-focused thinking, reflection and critical thinking.

The English textile arts summer camp will run from July 5th to July 9th in Berlin (, and from July 19th to July 23rd in Leiden (, for 20 participants per week. The camp will offer kids aged 8-12 an exciting look into the world of textile arts and sustainable fashion through hands-on activities such as natural dyeing with food waste and flowers, block printing and upcycling using fabric remnants.

Alice Tsibulsky and Caitie Wagenknecht will be running the in-person summer camps and facilitating MCMW virtual workshops, which will be an exciting topic for the students’ English classes.

About Fashion Takes Action 

 Fashion Takes Action (FTA) (Fashion Takes Action – Creating a Conscious Fashion Future) is Canada’s premier not-for-profit organization that was founded in 2007 to advance sustainability across the entire fashion system. Working with both consumers and industry, FTA achieves its mission through education, awareness, research  and collaboration. My Clothes My World  was established in 2014 for students in grades 4-12 to teach them about the broader climate challenges through a fun and relatable topic – the clothes they wear!

About My Clothes, My world

My Clothes My World (Education | Fashion Takes Action) has delivered in-class workshops to more than 20,000 students in grades 4-12. It is the first and only youth education program to educate, and empower students to address the social and environmental impacts of the global textile industry.

Caitie Wagenknecht
Workshop Facilitator & Education Outreach Germany